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So you’re ready to Cut the Cord and stop paying high cable rates.  Well it easy here is a few FAQ that can help you along the way using BluFox Anywhere Premium.

What Is BluFox Anywhere Premium?

BluFox Anywhere Premium is a paid streaming platform that offers subscribers Live TV Channels, On Demand channels and a library of TV Series and Movies to millions of subscribers worldwide.

BluFox Anywhere Premiums is a part of the BluFox Anywhere Brand.

BluFox Anywhere Brands are streaming platform that offers subscribers VOD channels, Live TV Channels, and a library of TV Series and Movies free/paid to millions of subscribers worldwide. Get unlimited on-demand access to original series, movies, sports, comedy, and much more on your TV, tablet, phone, and computer on demand at anytime and anywhere. Subscribers can stream Live Shows, Movies and TV Series directly to their connected devices.

BluFox Anywhere is an EnVus Worldwide Entertainment, LLC branded streaming platform.

 How to Join?

Joining is simple just click the “Register |Sign Up” link. Once you click the link create an account and paid the subscription fee.

 Forgot My Password | Email where do I go to retrieve it?

No problem, check this link out “Password | Email Recovers”

 Having Trouble Viewing Videos or Live TV channels?

                These are a few things that may help you

  • PC Helper: Make sure your computer is running the latest version of Flash
  • PC Helper: Makes sure your internet browser is up-to-date: The Browsers that works best are Explorer 11, Fire Fox, or Safari, Chrome, and Edge.
  • Check your Internet and connection speed. Our Channels and Video stream at a high quality so a fast connection is required to view these streams.

My 7 Day Free Trial is Over?

That is great to hear you enjoyed the 7 day free trial, after the trial is finished you will be bill to you credit card account on file the monthly rate for the Streaming Services and get all the benefits you enjoyed during the free trial.

Having Trouble with Android or iOS App?

We work on android, iOS, Roku, Smart TV, and Game Console devices.  Tell us what the issues is and contact us her for assistance “Contact Us

Why are there commercials?

BluFox Anywhere is an ad supported platform. Running commercials with our programming allows us to ensure that this service remains at a lower cost for subscribers.

Where can I see the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy?

You can access the Privacy Policy at the appropriate links “Privacy Policy” or within your app.

Need to reach Customer Services for any issues “Billing, Business Inquiry, Technical Issues or Ect”

We can be reach at this link “Contact Us

I signed up for BluFox Anywhere but login and pass are not working on BluFox Premium?

Each of our platform requires separate login if you like you can use the same for both but you need to register to each of our website/platform to create accounts for both streaming platforms. Make sure to keep you information secure and safe on the Internet!